The way we search online is changing. By 2020, half of all searches will be conducted by voice. That’s 1.2 trillion searches – a market share no brand can afford to miss.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking your business is ready – voice search is a whole different way of communicating with the customer, and it’s important to get the language right.

At Only Digital, we’re fluent in voice search.

What is Voice Search?

They say talk is cheap but digital assistants that respond when we talk, are already a multi-billion dollar industry.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are racking up millions in sales every day as shoppers place orders for everything from washing powder to electrical goods.

And of course, voice search already exists in every mobile device and using Cortana and Google Assistant, we can even make voice searches from our PC or laptop.

Why is Voice Search so Important?

Back in 2016, Google CEO Sundai Pichi announced that 20% of their queries on both the mobile app and Android devices were performed using voice search.

Bing announced in the same year that 25% of all their searches were conducted by speech.

Gartner has predicted that by 2020, 30% of all web browsing sessions will be done without using a screen – and 50% of searches will be via voice search.

How does voice search marketing apply to my business?

Voice search marketing is now a vital skill for brands operating within the retail, ecommerce, or B2B marketplace.

Voice search customers tend to use more conversational or colloquial terms when searching for products or services.

If your business isn’t showing for these terms in organic voice search results, consumers will spend their money with brands that are.

We all know the importance of SEO and having your brand appear at the top of search results. Voice search adds an entirely new layer to this decades-old requirement. What you need now, in addition to traditional SEO is VSO – voice search optimisation.

How can only digital help?

At Only Digital, we create bespoke voice search campaigns to capture traffic using speech. We enable consumers to seek out services, buy products, find business locations and answers to questions.

- Optimise products so they will be easily found and purchased on Amazon or other platforms 
- Optimise Google business pages so that bricks and mortar locations can be easily reached 
- Optimise product and service pages so that your brand appears higher up voice search listings

If you want to sell via Alexa, we know how to charm her and we can harness the power of Cortana, the might of Siri and the muscle of Google Assistant to help you capture sales.

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