In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and brand experiences, it seems like every day brings new applications, features or devices that will revolutionise digital advertising and help businesses connect with consumers in more meaningful ways, ultimately boosting brand loyalty.

To help you stay on top of the latest developments, our industry experts are delighted to highlight the most important advances from the past week. 

Instagram and Facebook limiting data access for third-party developers

Both Facebook and Instagram have made changes that will limit the amount of data that third-party developers can access, as the company is still reeling from the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. Click here to read more.

Google launches reach planner for YouTube & video ad forecasting in AdWords

The tool suggests ad format mixes and provides reach estimates based on campaign objectives and budget inputs. Click here to continue reading.

Unilever trials ad formats that give to charity if someone watches 

Unilever brand Knorr is testing a new video ad format that allows viewers to choose a charity to benefit from the revenue it derives if they view an ad for at least 15 seconds. Click here to continue reading.

Spotify is ramping up its advertising opportunities: Here's what you need to know 

As Spotify goes public with its much-anticipated IPO, Marketing Week explores the opportunities for brands keen to engage the streaming service’s 157 million active users worldwide. Click here to continue reading.

Google is officially testing 'more results' button to load more search results

Instead of making searchers click to the next page of search results, Google is testing showing more results on the same page. Click here to read more.

Seven ways to turn a webinar into a stream of link attracting content 

Contributor Jordan Kasteler explains how to use webinars you've created to develop new content and become a marketing and link-building machine your competitors can't keep up with. Click here to read more.

Facebook will tell you today if Cambridge Analytica had access to your data

Last week, Facebook revealed that 87 million or so users potentially had their data improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica — and you’ve no doubt been wondering if yours is among them. Today the site will share that information with users. Click here to read more.

Snapchat brings back chronological Stories feed back for some 

Snapchat has undone its controversial redesign’s most significant change in an update to some users today. A tab that shows Stories in reverse chronological order, replacing the redesign’s algorithmically sorted feed for many people. Click here to read more.


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