Snapchat is currently enjoying great popularity; the mobile app has more than 100 million active users daily, and these numbers are consistently rising across all demographics.

Users enjoy 6 billion videos through Snapchat. Also, believe it or not, there are users from all age categories. Of course, the biggest category is young people, aged between 18 and 24. There are also small percentages of mature users, more than 10% of users are between 35 and 54, and a very small percentage above 55.

Snapchat is being used daily by a wide ranging demographic, which is extremely useful if you want to use it for advertising.

How can Snapchat be used for advertising?

Snapchat have developed a new API that was tailored for brands advertising using the mobile platform. The main idea was not to change too much how the user interface presents itself, because the developers still wanted to offer users the same environment and features they love. They wanted to add new features, like advertising, allowing brands to use the growing power of this social network. There are already a few well-known brands that use Snapchat for advertising, even though there isn’t any ad platform available just yet. Among these brands we can mention Vans, Trolli, Gatorade, and more.

Snap Ads

These are very short videos, no longer than 10 seconds, which appear during the viewing of a story, article, or during the feature of a Snapchat Live event. It is similar to advertising on TV, only much shorter. But brands can do more than just play a video.

They can include an option called “swipe up” for their viewers, which will allow a viewer to access the extended content of their video. The content can be anything from an article, app, a video that is longer and more details, or the content of a website. Looking at the analytics of this feature, Snapchat says that using the “swipe up” delivers better results than the regular “click-through” method, used by most online platforms. 

Sponsored Lenses

These lenses use facial detection to allow you to use various interactive filters, laid over your face or someone else’s face. The lenses available on Snapchat can vary from day to day, although the traditional face swap will remain the same for the moment. How can these Sponsored Lenses help your business? Well, you can opt to sponsor a type of lens that is personalized with your brand, so that it will appear in the available Sponsored Lenses selection users can enjoy when browsing for new snaps.

On-Demand Geofilters

A geofilter usually appears if you swipe right after a photo if such a filter is available for your location. Snapchat creates such filters periodically, usually around major holidays or events. However, you can ask for a geofilter to be created for your brand, if you want to share snaps from the headquarters, offices, or any other location where a special event will take place.

There are some details you should know about geofilters before planning to ask for one. First of all, it may take several days for Snapchat to approve and create a personalized geofilter. Also, there is no fixed price for a filter; the price depends on various factors like the size of the area you want covered, the location, and time range. Once you have used a geofilter, you can examine how effective it was, checking the numbers concerning its views and uses. In case the area you wish to cover exceeds 5 million square feet, you can opt for a Sponsored Geofilter, to sponsor an area that is outside the regular approval process for the on-demand geofilter.

Snapchat Spectacles

Spectacles are the latest Snap novelty on the social media world. These are some fashion and wearable technology sunglasses that record 10-second clips, which can then be uploaded to SnapChat Memories via Wi-Fi.

Snap is preparing for the future while also trying to secure its present opportunity. Although the product is not out yet out these augmented reality lenses will be launched this fall in limited release for only $130.

Slowly but surely, the developers of Snapchat have recognized the app’s huge potential, not only for users but also for businesses around the world. These advertising features are just the start of a process that will bring more features and opportunities for businesses to advertise more efficiently on Snapchat.