Instagram now has 1 billion monthly users, so if your consumer brand doesn’t have a presence there, you’re missing out on huge social media marketing opportunities.

Getting your Instagram marketing plan going will mean investing in organic and paid content to get your engagement going.

Every one of its users is looking for an image that stops them in their tracks – so your social media marketing campaign has to have striking shots at its very core.

I’ve got six tips to help you get going or to give your Instagram marketing plan a refresh as part of your digital marketing strategy.


Vertical take-off

Instagram Stories Vertical Videos are a real opportunity to get your brand seen. These are immersive, taking up the whole phone screen and there are some lovely visual effects you can achieve.

They also appeal to people because they don’t have to turn their phones to landscape to see your image or video properly.

Remember, people are essentially lazy. Anything that makes life a little easier for the viewer increases engagement and moves them that little bit closer to becoming a customers.


Mix it up

Your Insta photos may be on point, but what about your short videos? Or your gifs? Or boomerangs?

A moving image catches the user’s eye as they scroll so remember to mix up your media.

And it’s not just about posting – you have to float content that your potential customers will like so they’ll keep coming back.

Think about who your audience is and what they’re looking for. If your audience doesn’t suit your brand, you have to identify what your target market wants to see… then create it. This is the point where we start our digital marketing analysis for clients.

Post a variety of content. Quotes – funny or inspirational – work particularly well on Instagram, and their reach isn’t restricted like it is on Facebook.


Make the most of organic

On Instagram, people need to a profile and click to follow if they want to see your organic posts – so you have to bring your A-game to get them to your Insta page.

You should always make sure your organic activity complements your paid activity. People who see your organic content are more likely to engage – and become more open to your advertising as your brand’s efforts merge.

Of course, your advertising has to be more impressive and sophisticated than any organic posts, but that organic content still has to be strong enough to make an impact.

Again, you’re not posting for posting’s sake – you’re on Instagram to get people to invest their time, and eventually their money, in your brand’s offering. Treat organic like a job, not a hobby.


Button up

Buy Now buttons are addictive. You see an outfit you like on Insta, and with a click or two, it’s yours.

So link up your Instagram page to a highly targeted landing page that’s tailored to convert visits into purchases.

You should gather data on all buyers so that you can re-target them with special offers and exclusive discount codes as a reward for their custom.

Be careful to re-target people who have left items in their basket and haven’t completed their purchase, too.


Reaction stations

Reactive advertising works really well – latching on to an event at the forefront of the public’s mind is an age-old marketing trick but with Instagram, it can be instant.

At the moment, Love Island is the biggest thing on TV among the Instagram demographic, which is primarily young women. So the clothing retailers are doing a lot on “get the Love Island look”, and dishing out discount codes as they ramp up their social media marketing in response to the opportunity.

And they’re rolling out this Instagram marketing plan in real time, while the show’s on air and people are scrolling their on phones as they watch the romance, bitching and scandal.

The fashion brands are piggybacking on the show’s cool while laying out a trail of temptation – and making purchase easy with those Buy Now buttons. I’m finding it hard to say no and my job’s all about understanding buyer behaviour! I know what they’re doing to me but I just can’t help myself.


Keep ’em keen

Target people who have recently engaged with your page, adverts or posts but not yet followed your Instagram page. They’ve shown a real interest – get your advertising back in front of them to remind them who and where you are.


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