It’s often said that every company should be active on social networks, and being negligent in this area could make a business appear as though they are stuck in the dark ages.There are plenty of social media platforms out there and not every one of them is right for every company. Any social channel can be used to give a company a more effective digital presence, but when misused they can become a public embarrassment. 

Ensure you are using the right channels for your company

There was a time when many companies jumped onto every social network as soon as it launched.  Social media is not just somewhere to dump web content. Today, it has to be a conversation and for a conversation to work there has to be multiple contributors. For any channel to be a success, you have to question of if there is an audience out there for your product; should a high level financial software company really be on Facebook? Is there a strong audience for meat paste on Twitter? Simply setting up an account and Tweeting corporate jargon is no way to run a social account.

If your company  produces corporate news stories, then could you present them in an interesting way? YouTube could be the answer. If you are at an event and presenting live updates, then Periscope could be deployed.

Who is your audience?

It can be easy to forget that everything posted on a company page is in the public domain. Many companies simply use their digital channels to share images of events hosted by the company, almost as though it’s a closed shop for employees only. If that’s a strategic decision, perhaps to attract new employees, then that’s fine - but is that really your focus as a company? Every business must always think of potential clients viewing these platforms and project the right image while remaining approachable and interactive.

Inactive channels are worse than no channels

Does your company have the resources to run all of these social media channels? If the answer is no, then it’s probably better not to run some of those channels at all. Many users view social channels as the first port of call in customer service situations. If they see a Facebook account, they are likely to get in touch and they will expect an answer. If there is no one checking this on a daily basis, then you create a poor customer service situation, which in turn leads to bad word of mouth. It is far better business practice to simply run a customer service phone line effectively, rather than set up multiple channels that can’t possibly get the attention they deserve, even if that does seem very 21st century.

Isn’t social too time consuming for little return?

Running social media channels can be hugely time consuming if done correctly, but that’s not to say it’s time wasted. Social media is just another place for a company’s voice to be heard, and the ideal place to stand out from the crowd. If implemented correctly, social can open doors to new customer bases, new clients and rich rewards.

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