Periscope is a free live streaming app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein and acquired by Twitter before launch in 2015. It allows users to live stream video content from their mobiles, while other users can comment in real time.

As Periscope is completely integrated with your Twitter account, you don’t have to build an entirely brand new community. You can promote your live-feeds openly to your existing Twitter followers.

Periscope LogoThe possibilities are as endless as the things you can record. Some journalists are using it to provide immediate live footage of current events around the globe, while big brands have used this digital channel to broadcast exclusive content. Adidas shared Real Madrid football star James Rodriguez signing a deal with the brand while Red Bull showcased their “ultra-exclusive weekend-long party in Miami Beach, and amateur cooks like Martyn (@AmateurChefUK) and others are using it to broadcast their own low-budget cookery shows.

It is so easy to use it that anyone with an iOS or Android device is holding a live broadcast studio close at hand, without any time limit or phone memory limitation (the videos are not saved to your mobile phone) and fellow users can log-in and watch your live stream.

Why You Need to Add Periscope to Your Marketing Arsenal?

Brands can benefit from Periscope by utilising this new avenue to communicate directly with their fan base - a platform for brand storytelling that will help connect emotionally with audiences.

We can arguably say that this is nothing new, another platform to sell your products like you have been doing on other social media networks like Facebook or Instagram but this distinctive immediacy, what it makes it different when helping you build your community around your brand. There is a clear opportunity to achieve higher engagement, given your brand enthusiasts an unedited and raw look at your business.

Some Ideas and Inspiration for Ecommerce

Become An Early Adopter

It is believed to some extent that early adopters in competitive markets are sometimes more likely to experience better business outcomes including increased revenue growth and market position. Whether this is true or not, we are yet to know but what is clear is that if your business is selling in a very competitive landscape, just being the first to adopt a new platform like Periscope can give you an excellent way to gain a competitive edge.

Personalised Customer Experience

Online retailers could use this channel to provide more personalised and distinct experience for their customers. Since Periscope streams happen in real time, this makes it very simple for customers to ask queries, share feedback about your business, or reach out if they need support. It’s not uncommon for customers to feel assured that if they have feedback or complaints, they will be able to reach someone and discuss their issues.

Create a Face for Your Company

Having your brand ambassador promoting your business on social media and in live events will help build product awareness, will humanise your brand, increasing consumer confidence and sales.

Behind the Scenes

Giving your customers a peek behind the curtain not only builds trust through transparency, but also allows your customers to develop a relationship with you and your business by seeing the inner-workings of what your business does making it more unique.

Upsell Your Products

Having a healthy fan base is essential when growing a business online. Periscope can also be used as a channel to talk to your visitors directly, upselling your products without pushing too hard.

Q&A Sessions

When customers are deciding on which company to buy from, customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role. Shoppers have high expectations that need to be addressed in a positive way and will ultimately influence their advocacy and loyalty.

Periscope can be the perfect channel to build videos that showcase your products and empower users in how to use them. A quick Question & Answer session is an excellent opportunity to broadcast in front of a live audience, take the most frequently asked questions you get from your customers online and answer them.

Products Reviews

Periscope could be used as a way of getting more product reviews from customers, writers or editors. If have an established relationship with these people you could easily send them some products to test them out. Not only does this help get your new products promoted but it also works a charm as a way to increase your brand engagement and build your sense of community.

Running Competitions

Periscope can be a great way to run a competition and simultaneously drive your audience to other social media channels. Sometimes it can be easier to manage contest entries via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (where you qualify an entry) but Periscope is a perfect way to kick off the contest, share updates, and share winners.

Live Events - Stay Up To Date On Industry News

Periscope could be the platform used to broadcast your industry news, staying up to date with all trade events, conferences and seminars. This could help brands find and engage with influential bloggers, expanding the follower base and creating great content related to the industry. If you already hold or plan to run offline events, Periscope can bridge the gap and bring your offline events online and creating extra value for customers.

Live video is a growing trend and as a retailer there is potential to differentiate from your competition by connecting with customers in a more personal way. Whether this is via Periscope, Snapchat or Facebook Live - investing in video content is the here and now.

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