So UK data protection laws may be overhauled under proposals by Digital Minister Matt Hancock.

In my opinion, this is like a burglar returning to the scene of the crime to remove evidence of being there – but failing to wipe away fingerprints.

It’s great the UK is trying to give its citizens more control over their data – but as a marketer I’m not worried about valuable marketing data disappearing.

People would be able to ask for personal data, or information posted when they were children, to be deleted.

But just because something doesn’t appear to be online any longer, doesn’t mean it is permanently deleted.

Any action we take online has a fingerprint which can be traced.

Yes, you can delete a Facebook post, then ask Facebook to delete all trace of it in the profile they have of you… but this information could already have been passed on to third parties, or shared by others. There will still be ways for marketers to track your data.

You can never completely and totally take it away.

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