Here at Beattie Communications, we like to look to the future. That doesn’t only relate to our constant monitoring of the very latest in web trends though, it also means that we are always looking for the sharpest young minds who are interested in a career in PR and digital marketing. 

Our intern programme means that some lucky students get the opportunity to visit our office and work with us for anywhere between a week and a month, learning the ropes and getting an invaluable insight into day to day work at a top digital agency. While some workplaces might have the intern do nothing but open mail and make coffee we like to give them as much hands on experience with real tasks as possible - providing a real learning environment.

Sounds great, right? Absolutely! Don’t take our word for it though; we put a few questions to our latest intern Sam to find out how he enjoyed his time working with the Beattie Communications team.


Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Sam McGowan, I’m 21 and I’m studying History and Politics at the University of Glasgow. I’ve been living in Glasgow for the last seven years, originally I’m from Leeds. I graduate next year, and have always been interested in public relations and communications, so an opportunity to work at Beattie communications has been a fantastic experience!

What’s been your most interesting role to date (outside of Beattie)?
I had the opportunity to teach at a Chinese school for just over a week a couple of years ago. My sister was out there for a year, and when I visited she was unwell with the flu. As a result I was left in charge of all of her English language classes for the remainder of my stay. It was a really interesting and challenging experience – and one I would love to do again!

How did you hear about Beattie? 
I was told about Beattie by a friend I had gone to school with. I had also previously heard of the company (admittedly as it’s the first result on google for ‘Glasgow PR’!).

What have you learned since joining us?
Being at Beattie has given me huge insights into the world of both public relations and digital marketing. I’ve been introduced to various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO and PPC. Also, having an impression of how effective the use of these techniques can be by watching a project from the beginning has been really interesting.

Would you like to work in PR or digital marketing once you’ve graduated? 
From my experience working at Beattie over the last few weeks, I can safely say that I am very interested in continuing a career in public relations or digital marketing. The work I have been doing here has been both interesting and engaging, and the thought of continuing in this profession is an exciting prospect.

What’s been the most interesting or surprising thing you have discovered since coming to Beattie? 
The insight it has given me into the world of digital marketing has been fascinating; it has made me look at online advertising in a completely new light. Another aspect I found interesting was the analytical side of digital marketing, and seeing the immense amount of scrutiny that can be put into planning and executing a marketing campaign online using tools such as Google Adwords and Analytics. The experience has been as surprising as it has been interesting!