Birthdays MatterNothing beats a good celebration and, for most of us, birthdays are the perfect reason to party.

We love to receive birthday cards, text messages, balloons, gifts and…congratulatory messages on LinkedIn.

Yes – congratulatory direct messages on LinkedIn.

We all get the opportunity when completing our profiles on LinkedIn to add the date of our birthdays as part of the Personal Details section.

Not all of us do it of course.

But when you connect with someone – make a note of their birthday and send them a message of congratulations on their big day.

You will be amazed at the friendly greetings you will get back.

If contact development on LinkedIn is important to you, remembering someone’s birthday demonstrates how much they matter.

Remembering someone’s birthday can turn a stranger into a contact and a contact into a friend.

So take a leaf out of our book and trawl through the profiles of your LinkedIn connections, note their birthdays and share a little happiness when their red letter day comes!