1. Can I change information and settings of my Linkedin Group?

Yes, you can if you are the owner or manager of a group.

Linkedin, however, does not encourage excessive changes to the identity of a group. They say it undermines member confidence. As a result, you are restricted to five changes.

To implement changes, click Groups at the top of your Home Page, next click Manage, then Group Settings orGroup InformationSave Changes when you have finished making them.

 2. Can I delete or edit group comments?

You can delete or edit a comment you have made but you must do it within 15 minutes of posting, otherwise it will be too late and your update will be distributed around your network.

You can, of course, delete a comment you have posted at any time but you cannot delete or edit a comment posted by another Linkedin member.

3. Can I charge members a fee to join my group?

Afraid not! You can, however, restrict membership of a Linkedin group you own to paying members of a club or organisation you operate.

4. How do I invite people to join my group?

If you own or manage a Linkedin Group, you can invite individuals to join from the Send Invitations page. You have four options including entering an individual’s first and last name, clicking the address book icon and identifying connections or exporting a file from Outlook, Palm, Desktop or ACT!.

5. Can I vet and approve Linkedin Group members?

If you own a group you have the power to decide who can and who cannot join.

If you decide to make your group Auto-Join, everyone is automatically accepted as a member if they apply to join.

If you make use of the Send Invitations facility, Linkedin members you reach out to are automatically approved, should they request to join.

If you use emails or a website to invite members, you can make use of the Pre-Approve People button.

Finally, you can manually approve, decline or block all applications to join by making use of the Requests To Join tab.