Sponsored updates or native advertising as it’s sometimes called generates millions for LinkedIn Corporation and considerably more for brands promoting their products and services on the social media platform.

Several months ago we urged LinkedIn to make sponsored updates available to not just companies but individual members.

It appears they have listened to our suggestion, although we have to admit that others probably joined in our chorus.

So from now on, individual members can sponsor their updates without them showing in their company newsfeed.

They call it Direct Sponsored Content and, if you hit on the link, you will find how easy it is to set up and use. The page we are sending you to has all the info.

Direct Sponsored Content allows you to increase the audience that sees your posts but you determine who precisely gets to see your posts. You can narrow your audience down by industry, company size, job title, job function and much, much more. You can even list the companies where you want Linkedin members to see your posts.

The beauty of direct sponsored content is that because it does not have to show in your company’s newsfeed, it looks less like a puff to Linkedin members and more like a genuine update that has come into their Home Page inbox.

Is it expensive?

Not at the moment, although that will probably change as sponsored updates become more popular.

If the price goes up or stays static, you determine your budget and how long the campaign will run. 

If you operate in the b2b marketplace, it’s worth trying out – especially if you are considered an industry thought leader by your peers!