There’s always been a disconnect between the offline and online world when it comes to a smooth transition to digital marketing.

For years, I’ve been working with clients to try to bridge the gap easily – but it’s persistently a challenge.

New technologies and platforms often emerge which try to bring the two worlds together.

Remember QR codes? They allowed users to scan a pixelated, square-shaped code in the real-life outside world and instantly be directed to a virtual world – a website.

The problem with QR codes, however, is that they require users to download a specific QR code application to their phone. A QR code couldn’t be scanned without it.

Lots of QR code variations have emerged over the years, all with a similar barrier to running a seamless social media campaign.

Connecting online and offline

Now some social networks are running their own trials in connecting online with offline to make it easier for users to flit between both.

First it was SnapChat with “snapcodes” and recently Instagram announced that it would be trialling its own version, called Nametags.

Instagram’s Nametags will let users create an image, which other Insta users can scan to follow someone, without having to download another app. It’s a great way for individual users to gain more followers. And there’s sure to be more functionality added as time goes by.

But more exciting, from a digital marketing agency standpoint, are the opportunities that brands will have to use Nametags outside the platform.

Just think how a skilfully created Nametag could form the centre of poster advertising at bus stops and train stations, where bored commuters constantly fiddle with their phones. Or it could fit slickly into newspaper and magazine adverts.

With the click of a smartphone camera, real-world marketing becomes digital marketing with all the opportunities that offers for customer engagement through, for example, social marketing.

By placing Nametags on offline, materials brands have the opportunity to grow their own audience – potentially reducing reliance on paid online advertising. Potentially.

Social media campaign

Sure, you’ve taken the customer from offline into the digital world. But what are you giving them there?

A social media campaign needs to be properly planned and maintained. You need to offer that would-be client a reason to keep swinging by.

And you have to tread the fine line between maintaining a presence and appearing to be pestering people who have shown an interest in your company just by following it.

Reward the faith they have shown in you by opening themselves up to your messages. That means constantly adding value to their experience by supplying them with rich content that’s shareable and lures them into clicking a link to your website.

Use a call to action to get them registered for your online offers, your email newsletter … anything you can use to build that brand loyalty.

Merging your offline and online presence in a way that allows a smooth transition from one to the other opens up real opportunities for digital marketing.

Building a social marketing campaign around that link allows your business to talk directly to potential customers who have already invested time in your brand.

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