Charities are making more use of LinkedIn to heighten awareness of their good works within the corporate community.

Some are using LinkedIn to secure sizable donations and valuable sponsorship deals from companies large and small.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that the training courses we organise for voluntary organisations are often over-subscribed.

At the day-long courses we show charity fundraisers and marketers how to get the most out of LinkedIn for brand building and fundraising purposes.

Here are three top marketing tips for charities new to LinkedIn.

Create An Eye-Catching Charity Profile

The golden rule when creating a charity profile page is – don’t be dull.

Make your profile page sparkle by having a knockout photo or illustration.

Graphically and emotionally tell your charity’s story and highlight the impact your are making on the lives of individuals or society itself.

Create An Impressive Profile For Your Fundraisers

Create an impressive profile for your fundraisers but whatever you do, don’t use the F word in their job title.

Everyone accepts that charity fundraisers do an important job but most people will not willingly choose to spend time chatting with them.

Instead, ascribe fundraising staff with a more popular title such as corporate managers or marketing managers.

Make sure each member of staff uploads a great photo and injects sunshine into the words they use to describe their careers and achievements.

Connect With Companies You Would Like As Supporters

With personal profiles in place, it is time for fundraisers to reach out to companies they would like to enroll as supporters.

When targets accept an invitation to connect, do not immediately ask for a donation. Instead, build a relationship sending direct messages to the individual.

Begin by creating a Google alert of the individual and his/her company. Then send direct messages of congratulations when they are their companies achieve success.

Only when a relationship is firmly established should a fundraiser propose a sponsorship scheme or ask for financial support. 

Follow these golden rules and you will be amazed at how powerful a marketing and fundraising tool LinkedIn can become.