Connections matter! In fact, some say it’s not what you know but who you know that’s important in business.

When it comes to LinkedIn, we would wholeheartedly agree – connections definitely matter!

In fact, the number of connections you have on LinkedIn is directly related to:

  1. The number of business opportunities that will come your way.
  2. The number of career opportunities that will cross your desk.

Some would also say that the number of connections you have is directly related to the amount of influence you have within your industry sector.

The simple fact of life is that the more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more opportunities you will generate.

So if you want to win new clients, find a better job, find new investments all you have to do is connect with more people.

The formula works like this…the more people you are directly connected to, the more people will be in your network. Therefore the more business opportunities will come your way.

I have 1,500 contacts on LinkedIn and that gives me access to a network of over 10 million people. In other words, I am able to see the profiles of 10 million people.

Some of the 10 million are:

  • Existing clients that I want to get closer to.
  • People I would love to do business with.
  • Business rivals and I’m always keen to discover what they are up to.

So, here is your blue print for building your connections on LinkedIn.

The easy way is to upload your personal email address on to LinkedIn and allow LinkedIn to come up with all potential contacts. It works for Gmail, Hotmail and many others but it will not work for your business email address.

If business people are your targets, here’s what you need to do. Start reaching out to people you know…business colleagues, existing clients, customers you may have had in the past, university friends etc

Join relevant LinkedIn industry groups as it makes it easier to linkup with people you don’t really know. There are hundreds of thousands of groups so it’s easy to identify groups for whatever sector you operate in.

It’s now time to move on to people you would like to do business with but perhaps you don’t have an existing relationship with these individuals.

A general initiation to complete strangers will result in 50% of them accepting your invitation but four out of five people will accept, if you add a personal message to your invitation such as “I really admire your work and I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn!”

There is one problem, the people in charge at LinkedIn don’t want you to reach out to individuals you don’t know and, if they receive complaints about you, they will insist that you enter the email address of the individual you want to connect with.

It’s a rule we disagree with. We believe Linkedin should allow you to reach out to whoever you want to. We are all adults and each of us can choose to accept or ignore a connection invitation.

Our advice is – reach out to the people you want to do business with especially your dream clients and the brands you really want to work for.

If it leads to you having to insert an email address, so what – they are easy to find.

Finally, it’s important to set targets and your initial goal should be to reach 501 LinkedIn contacts.


Your profile will be updated to show you have 500+ connections and that means you are someone worth knowing!