As digital marketers, we are aware of every tool at our disposal to promote a brand.

And Facebook provides a wide range of options to achieve a number of different goals.

In the case of our client Seven Seas, the company wanted to drive traffic and conversions to its Perfect 7 Prime microsite.

Which led us to Facebook Canvas.

I’ve already discussed how there seems to be a mobile disconnect as far as marketing is concerned – and more brands need to allocate a bigger chunk of their time and budget into reaching people on mobile.

Our phones have become our lifelines. We’re following political debates, booking fitness classes and answering work emails on them. Yet for all the time we spend on these handheld devices, there are many ways the mobile experience is lacking – one of which is advertising.

Facebook has responded to this with Canvas.

What makes Facebook Canvas so exciting is that it offers a lot more creative freedom for advertisers, with a more engaging user experience.

Almost featuring as a microsite, it gives viewers the chance to explore more about the product and you can build in as many content blocks and links as you like.

By producing a Canvas for Seven Seas, we achieved the following results in the month it was launched (compared to figures for the previous month):

  • Visits to the website increased by 144.22%
  • Page views were boosted by 121.98%
  • Unique Visits went up by 8.4%
  • Conversions increased by 74.06%

In the case of this client, conversions amounted to visits to the retailer's website to make a purchase.

Overall, Seven Seas saw an increase in page views for the Perfect 7 Prime landing page from 675 to 16,202.

And how did we do it? Like this...

Our team’s design process firstly involved assessing the objectives of the Canvas. Once we knew the main goals of Seven Seas, these objectives helped structure the design itself.

We assessed what information would be higher up the page that the user sees first, and what supporting information could be placed further down the Canvas. Would it be product led? Would it be highly visual with lots of images?

The client was delighted with what we came up with, as you can imagine.

A well designed Canvas looks beautiful, engages the user and makes best use of the features it offers.

It boasts a ‘tilt to pan’ feature where you upload a wide banner image and the user tilts their phone to reveal more of the image - there could be hidden messages at the side the user has to tilt to reveal.

The possibilities and combinations of content are endless.

Canvas offers a great platform for advertisers to visually engage users in their product or service.


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