Digital marketing never stops evolving - and we're here to help you keep up with each stage of its evolution. Our digital marketing experts have this round up of the week's news for you ...

Google Assistant’s latest feature delivers just the ‘good news’

You’re not the only one feeling run down by the news of the day. The folks at Google apparently believe we could all use a dose of good news, at times, too. Click here to read more.

How Visual and Voice Search Are Revitalizing The Role of SEO

Contributor Jim Yu outlines how savvy marketers are using voice and visual search to engage more meaningfully with audiences at each stage of their purchase journey. Click here to read more.

Google launches new expandable featured snippets with more information

The new featured snippets provide aggregated access to additional sources about a search query. Click here to read more.

Gmail’s undo send feature hits Android

Four months after arriving on desktop, Gmail’s potentially job/relationship/self-respect-saving self-destruction feature is finally available on Android. Click here to read more.

How to increase your PageSpeed in WordPress

With more than 59 per cent of websites using WordPress as a CMS, optimizing them to load quickly is a good idea. Click here to read more.

Google Analytics shows how to find Google Image search traffic when Google Images changes the referral URL

Curious how Google Analytics will show your traffic coming from Google Image search after the pre-announced referrer URL change? Google has documented it for us in a blog post. Click here to read more.

Say ‘Aloha’: A closer look at Facebook’s voice ambitions

Facebook has been a bit slow to adopt the voice computing revolution. This is set to change, judging by experiments discovered in Facebook’s code, plus new patent filings. Click here to read more.

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