Size is important – especially when it comes to the extent of your network on LinkedIn.

The bigger your network, the more new business opportunities or new job opportunities will come your way.

My LinkedIn network comprises of millions of professionals and that means that new business opportunities regularly cross my path.

Some I’m interested in, others I’m not but I welcome all approaches as you never know where they could lead.

If you want to grow your network, first reach out to colleagues, friends and all the people you know.

Then offer to connect with LinkedIn members who have a large number of contacts.

Don’t worry if you don’t know them personally as LinkedIn is all about growing your network by “meeting” new people.

You can’t see, of course, how many connections an individual has in excess of 500, so you need to adopt a creative approach.

Top of your list should be “LinkedIn celebrities” who are likely to have thousands of connections.

When I talk about “LinkedIn celebrities” I mean high profile business people and LinkedIn authors as both are likely to have a sizable following.

Some will ignore your invitation to connect but don’t despair as others will accept your hand of friendship.

If growing your network it a priority, offer to connect with me, Gordon Beattie. Make it the first step in growing your network and extending your influence.