LinkedIn members have been complaining to us about the confusion caused by LinkedIn Updates that refer to job changes among their contact group.

Our advice to LinkedIn members is - be on your guard because job updates are not always accurate.

If, for instance, one of your contacts makes a simple change to their job title you will receive a new message telling you that so-and-so has a new job – say congrats.

Before saying congratulations, check out your contact’s profile as the odds are that the individual has simply updated their LinkedIn CV and not, in fact, taken a new job.

Some LinkedIn members complain that these updates are actually spoiling their chances of getting a new appointment as recruiters are not terribly keen to approach someone who just “found a new position.”

So how do you stop LinkedIn from picking up profile edits and mistakenly informing your network that you have a new job?

Alas, there is no perfect fix. In fact, it’s a bit like taking a sledge hammer to a nut. If you want to stop profile edits being send to your network, you need to turn off activity broadcasts.

Hover over you name, go into settings and update the option to “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.

You are looking for the text that reads “By selecting this option, your activity updates will be shared in your activity feed.”

On a similar theme, Linkedin members have also complained to us about receiving multiple endorsement messages from the same individuals so be careful you don’t say “thank you” more than once!