In this week's digital marketing news roundup, we will look at some new and exciting features that could help you connect your brand with its audience. We will also provide an update on the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story - and guidance on harnessing the power of LinkedIn. 

Gmail’s upcoming redesign to include more app integration, smart replies & offline support

Google sent Gmail users an announcement earlier this week outlining a new 'Gmail Experience' to launch via the company's Early Adopter Program. Click here to continue reading.

YouTube to stop supporting third-party ad serving in EU in May, citing GDPR

YouTube will also limit support for third-party pixel tracking, according to a memo. Click here to continue reading.

Instagram tests scannable Nametags, taking another page from Snapchat’s playbook

Similar to Snapchat's Snapcodes, Nametags will allow users to create a scannable image that makes it easier to gain followers. Click here to continue reading.

62% of B2B marketers see video as priority format, finds LinkedIn study

Two thirds (62%) of B2B marketers polled by LinkedIn believe that video should be the primary platform of any creators. Click here to continue reading.

Here’s how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results

If you want to displace negative content or build a strong brand identity, Twitter can help, says contributor Chris Silver Smith. Here are 10 ways to use tweets to dominate page one on Google. Click here to read more.

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica: What we know, what they knew & where that leaves us

A brief history of the many privacy disasters at the world's dominant social media platform, and what the most recent data exposure means for marketers, and other data Borg as Facebook's CEO faces Congress. Click here to read more.

Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case in UK High Court

Decision likely to spark other appeals to courts by those denied de-listing. Click here to read more.


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