Pokémon Go has been talked about a lot and it has become a legitimate word of mouth success. How can we learn from and replicate that success?

Unless you've been living on another planet, this new craze will have popped up on your radar. Pokémon Go has been talked about a lot both on social networks and offline, even making the national news and in the process it has become a legitimate word of mouth success.                                                              

This mobile app game is free to download and play (although it's possible to gain advantage by purchasing currency in the form of PokéCoins). The game uses your phone's GPS to monitor your location, and augmented reality to bring up Pokémon characters right in front of you. 

Love it or loathe it, the game has increased Nintendo's value by an estimated $7.5 billion and has been downloaded over 75 million times thanks to the general buzz around the game – everyone wants to see what the fuss is all about.

So what can we learn from Pokémon Go? There are some key factors in the success of this app which can be applied to help your brand get some word of mouth buzz.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to have an elaborate campaign to get noticed, just make sure that your core offering is unique and appealing to your target audience. If your platform - whether it’s an app, game, or e-commerce platform – is well designed then the quality of your offering can be enough to drive word of mouth success. 

Reward loyalty

You don't just need to get the market's attention - you need to keep it. Do so by rewarding a customer for continuing to engage with the product. Pokémon Go players get bonuses and incentives for levelling up, catching new Pokémon, and even walking. Users are left craving more of the action after the thrill of an intense battle, or the discovery of a rare Pokémon. Offering something in return for their loyalty is key to success. 

Use an appealing platform

Choose a digital media platform which allows you to set up quickly, test it, and get it out to customers. The emerging generation is all about easy access and adaptability. Pokémon Go has thrived in part thanks to its intuitive interface and being accessible everywhere.

If it's not fun then forget it

In most cases the key to generating the kind of rapid spread success enjoyed by Pokémon Go is to make sure that your offering is fun. This aspect is especially effective in capturing the 18-24 year-old demographic. The fun element will be the first to catch the attention of a young market, so be sure to emphasise the lighter side of your offering in your marketing strategy.

Sharing will get them caring

The ability to share their passions online is essential to the younger generation, so making your brand or product something they can shout about online is a must. Pokémon Go lends itself to this impulse well, but it can be translated to a number of different platforms. You should always make sure that share buttons are available for users to shout about the product on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Of course, a success on the scale of Pokémon Go happens rarely, but applying these rules to your own platform will help you reach beyond your target audience and maximise the potential of your product.