Looking to boost your Facebook marketing? We’ve got five simple ways you can improve your social media strategy using proven digital marketing techniques.


Get moving

For brands, the purpose of a Facebook page is to engage new and existing customers. And the most engaging thing on the social media platform is the moving image.

It outperforms purely written posts and static images. Whether it’s a flicker of movement in a gif, or a short film you’ve uploaded, it’s more likely to stop users scrolling.

It’s crucial that the content you post as part of your social media strategy is valuable to people browsing Facebook. Like the BBC says, you should inform, educate and entertain. Figure out what your audience wants to see then sell them on your services and your culture.

Facebook puts strict limits on the proportion of text a business can post in an image, limiting the reach of posts that are too wordy. The site has a tool for checking this.

But you can get around this limit using video. If you’ve got an arresting image and something to say, put them together. And remember those considerate people who don’t let their phone blare out whatever they are watching – slap on subtitles.

Length is also important. Ideally, you’re looking at one to two minutes in duration as after two minutes, viewer numbers plunge.

Remember there’s a choice of formats. You’re no longer limited to landscape – vertical videos that take up the whole screen are the latest addition to Facebook’s armoury, as well as Instagram.

And round off your video with a call to action. Tell your audience where they can get more great content and include a link to the appropriate web page in the body of the post.


Get engaged

Facebook users are more likely to see posts from people, groups and businesses that they have recently interacted with. So your social media strategy hangs on building engagement to increase your visibility.

One way to harvest those crucial likes and loves that tell Facebook you’re getting engagement is to run a reactions poll that’s related to your business. You make crisps – which flavour’s better, Salt & Vinegar or Cheese & Onion? You sell trainers – what’s cooler, Nike or Adidas? You run hotels – continental breakfast or Full English?

People have opinions and love to express them and that’s all fuel for your Facebook marketing drive. Offer them the options with a like or love symbol to represent their choice and watch the argumentative banter unfold in the comments.


Get cultural

A good chunk of your followers will be your staff. Your social media strategy should include ways to show them off and show why you have a great place to work.

So post about what the people you work with are up to, with people pictured in every post. Demonstrate their expertise. Congratulate colleagues on achievements, professional and personal. Make them ambassadors for your brand in videos and blogs that you share.

This is the kind of content staff will share and tag each other in, giving you greater organic reach and getting you seen by people who would never normally come across your page.

Besides, some public recognition is good for morale and gives your brand a human face.


Get advertising

Your organic posts will only be seen by about seven per cent of the people who like or follow your brand on Facebook.

If you want to get real cut-through, you’ll need to put some money into promoting posts. It costs pennies per person and can reach the kind of consumer you want to be seen by using Facebook’s precise targeting tools.

The formats are myriad, from standalone photos and videos to slideshows and the immersive Canvas ads.

Finding what works best for you comes down to experimenting with the kind of content you promote and the advertising template you use. That’s where that perennial favourite of digital marketing experts, AB testing, gets results. It demonstrates which format achieves the best engagement and leads to sales.


Get sharing

If you’re relying on the organic reach of your page, shares are like manna from Heaven. Each time someone gives your content a share, there’s the potential for hundreds more people to come across your post.

So the onus is on you to create useful, relevant content and posts that people want to share. You can kick-start this process by asking colleagues to like and share your posts.

People can, understandably, be wary of sharing work-related posts on social media. They don’t want to annoy their friends or look like they are spamming people’s timelines. So understand that not everyone will share everything your post all the time.

However, make sure your colleagues know how important Facebook marketing is to your social media strategy and ask them nicely to swing by the page and give a post a like and a share occasionally. Staff getting the ball rolling can make all the difference to the success of a social media campaign.

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